Sea Shepherd - Trawler Nets

By-catch refers to the fishes and ocean life that are trapped in trawl nets not intended for them. According to international research, global by-catch totals up to 16 billion kilogrammes a year. Yes, a staggering 16 billion kilogrammes. If nothing is done soon, many species of sharks, dolphins, turtles and other marine life will disappear forever.
These series of ads communicate the danger posed to marine life in a subtle, yet eloquent manner. They use the very instrument of death to illustrate our message – trawl nets. Within each trawl net visual is a representation of the damage they cause (dead dolphins, sea turtles and sharks). Thus making a powerful statement about the harmful effects of trawl nets. The ads end conclude with a request for the public’s help.
Agency: DDB Singapore
Creative Director / Head of Art: Thomas Yang
Art Director: Alvin Wee Aik
Copywriter: Mahesan M
Illustrator: Alvin Wee Aik
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