The Challenge 
Singapore keeps the city clean and green by getting rid of disposables via incineration plants: The wastes are burned and reduced to 10% of its original volume for landfill.
The problem is that – in 2018 alone, we generated 164,500 tonnes of disposables. At this current rate of waste disposal, our only landfill, the man-made Semakau Island, will be fully filled by 2035. And we’re not keen to turn more parks into incineration plants. 
The Insight 
So far so good, but what about our children – our next generation?
It comes down to every Singaporean, every household, reducing every single-use disposable.
The Idea & Execution 
What if the rubbish takes on epic proportions?
A television spot shows the snowball effect of single-use disposables accumulating in mass, across situations and then across time, to become a big problem for the country and ultimately, the next generation. 
We tug on the emotional heartstrings of Singaporeans, by getting them – and their children – to see and contend with the problem.
The film ends on a cliffhanger, and a gentle warning – “Don’t let the next generation pay for our choices.”
Agency: DDB Singapore
Creative Director / Head of Art: Thomas Yang
Art Director: Elijah Eugene
Copywriter: Edwin Leong
Director: Eugene Lim (Prosecution)
3D VFX: Kraftwerkz
Music: Songzu
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