The Challenge
The National Environment Agency (NEA) has launched a Food Waste Reduction campaign that aims to raise awareness of our nation’s fast-growing food waste problem. In 2019, Singapore generated a shocking 744,000 tonnes of food waste, which is equivalent to each individual discarding two bowls of rice every day. 

The Idea & Execution
To convey this issue in a way that will resonate with all Singaporeans, the campaign kicks off with a short film that attaches an emotional significance to the food we eat. Through a simple story about a mother's relationship with her son, it explores how food is often used as a way for us to express love when our words cannot, and why we should then not let anything go to waste. It serves as a timely reminder for us to respect and value food, and it urges viewers to do so with a powerful, stirring call to action: “Food is love. Don’t waste it."
Agency: DDB Singapore
Creative Director / Head of Art: Thomas Yang
Creative Group Head: Edwin Leong 
Director: Roslee Yusof ( Freeflow Productions )
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