City-dwellers spend much of their day couped up inside. Yet there’s so much more out there to explore and discover. And the best way LifeCycle was started with one man’s pursuit to take life slower and find a sustainable business of making people happy. Bicycle evokes positive feelings in people and we see bicycle as a mean to an end, a medium you take to find your own happiness. Begin your journey with us and arrive where you choose to be, out-of-the-box at your own pace.
To dramatise this idea, we created compositions from a variety of bicycle parts, encouraging people to break free of their daily routine and to look at their surroundings in a completely different light.
Copy in the ad:
You live in a little box.
You get into a little box that drives you to another little box.
And you spend your day thinking little boxed thoughts in your little box.
Till it’s time to leave for the other little box.
Unbox yourself. Get a life. Get a cycle.
Copy in the ad:
Intrepid explorer
journeying to the Elevator,
bravely navigating past Office Politics,
catching your breath at Cape Watercooler before
you venture to the unknown land they call the Pantry.
Step out. Get a life. Get a cycle.
Road Map
Copy in the ad:
Look out the window. What do you see?
Wait, there’s no window.
Only a wall. And fake plastic flowers.
And a fake parquet floor.
A plastic coffee cup on a formica table.
Artificial lighting, on all day.
Get out. Get a life. Get a cycle.
Agency: DDB Singapore
Creative Director: Thomas Yang
Art Directors: Thomas Yang, Chris Soh
Copywriter: Andrew Hook
Photographer: Allan Ng (Republic Studio)
Digital Imaging: Ning Woei (Digitalis)
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