How the beauty of art helped women overcome their fear of mammogram screening.
The Challenge
Breast cancer can be detected early through mammograms. Yet mammograms feel cold clinical and scary. And discovering a tumour is often perceived as a death sentence. How do we help women overcome their fear and anxiety, and see how mammograms save lives?
The Idea
A mammogram can be the start of a hopeful journey of recovery.
We invite survivors to share their first mammogram scans that detected their tumours. And transformed these sombre black-ane-white negatives into personalised, gradated art prints. These were exhibited with their stories of hope. Also, a social media art filter allowed anyone to transform their own mammogram scans, so they too could join the conversation.
The campaign got women to see things from a perspective of hope - a crucial mindset in the fight against cancer.
Integrated Case Study Film
Out-Of-Home and Exhibition
Social Media Art Filter 
Enable individuals to convert their mammogram scans into captivating MAMMO ART masterpieces effortlessly.
Concept Board
Agency: DDB Singapore
Creative Directors: Thomas Yang, Dunstan Lee, Benson Toh
Head of Art: Thomas Yang
Art Director: Alan Choong
Copywriter: Dunstan Lee​​​​​​​
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