One thing that we noticed when doing research into child sexual abuse was the link between the abuser and the victim. More often than not, they knew each other. The sexual offender was likely to be a family member, relative or family friend. And the abuse was taking place in the home. Somewhere you would expect a child to be safe.
Considering this insight, we wanted the idea for this print campaign to highlight that sexual offenders actually hide their intentions by using the sanctity of the home as a cover.
The print copy shows a common phrase that a sexual abuser may say. But in reality, it has a double meaning. By using dictionary definitions of his words, we can really see what his intentions are. It may appear that he is being helpful or kind, but in actual fact he has other harmful intentions.
We hope this campaign can highlight the cause without over-dramatizing the problem. Rather than use shock tactics, we feel an intelligent and balanced argument works much better and that is more likely to evoke a response for this important cause.
Agency: JWT Singapore
Art Director: Thomas Yang
Copywriter: Andrew McKechnie​​​​​​​
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