A catchy rhyme for kids, a lifesaving reminder for mums.
The Problem
To beat breast cancer, early detection is vital. One simple detection method is a breast self-check. But mums hardly do that - they’re too busy with their kids to think about themselves.
The Insight
Kids are the biggest influencers in mums’ lives
The Idea
We combined what Kids love with what mums need. And reinvented the famous nursery rhyme “Wheels on The Bus” as “Molly Monkey Sings and Save”, a lifesaving reminder. With phrases like “up and down” and “round and round”. So each singalong becomes a self-check reminder. A message on the last page directs mums to a website to know more. The book was given as a gift through childcare centres on Children’s Day, which coincides with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
The Result
The book was loved by kids and parents alike. More importantIy, It has kickstarted conversations about breast cancer awareness on news and parenting sites.
Agency: DDB Singapore
Creative Directors: Thomas Yang, Dunstan Lee
Head of Art & Design: Thomas Yang
Art Director: Lijing Sim, Dian Widjaja
Copywriter: Ishan Venkat
Illustrator: Paula Pang
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