Every person is unique. We’re each made up of a distinctive set of personal traits. And that means we have distinctive needs when it comes to managing our finances. That’s why ANZ created Signature Priority Banking.
It has often been suggested that a person’s handwriting –in this case, their signature – says a lot about who they are as an individual. This was the initial inspiration for our execution: a close-up of an ink stroke moving across a page. Within the stroke itself, images appear which illustrate a particular individual’s personal qualities. 
While dramatising this concept, the execution also links tightly with the brand name itself, helping to create a very ‘ownable’ ad and to generate brand awareness and recognition. 
Print Ads
Agency: DDB Singapore
Creative Directors: Thomas Yang, Joji Jacob 
Art Director: Thomas Yang
Copywriter: Andrew Hook
Animation House / Director: TEG (The Ebeling Group) / BOOLAB (Barcelona)
Audio post: Song Zu, Singapore
Photographer: Teo Studio
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