A bicycle without brakes? Not kidding. 
Welcome to the world of fixies. 
A bicycle stripped down to its barest, purest form, with no gears and no brakes. 
Riding becomes intuitive as the fixie responds to your every movement, 
every shift in the weight of your body. 

This artwork features two riders skidding in synchronicity – a braking technique that can only be achieved with a fixie. The image is formed out of thousands of tiny fixies (6825 to be exact), each painstakingly put into place by myself. As an ode to the first bike ever invented, the tiny fixies with different wheel profiles are crafted in the actual dimensions of a fixed-gear bike. 

This is for all fixed-gear riders who never stop pedaling.

Date of release: April 2018 
Sheet size: 840mm X 540mm (Approx 33 inch X 21 Inch) 
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 Pantone Black. Printed on Recycled 220gsm Maple White paper. Suitable for archival use.

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