I pedal away, 
tickling up the mountain,
pushing past gravity,
dashing into a forest of freedom,
leaving behind a trail of joy.

For there I was a full-grown man,
here, I am 
a child again.

It’s always a joy to ride but no matter which trail you are on remember to leave nothing behind but an occasional splash.
Inspired by the Chinese blow painting technique, the artist breathes life into a river of ink by guiding the flow of its tributaries into the silhouette of a majestic pine tree. Created just in time for Christmas.
Date of release: November 2016  
Sheet size: 840mm X 460m (33 inch X 18.1 inch)   
Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 Pantone Black. Printed on Recycled 220gsm Maple White paper. Suitable for archival use. 

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